To understand the differences it is important to first describe how a traditional recovery system works:
to. The Recuperator receives the gas from the detection machines and temporarily stores it in a reserve.
b. The gas is compressed and its concentration is analyzed. If the concentration is low, pure helium has to be added to increase the concentration. If the concentration is high, the air has to be added.
c. The amount of inlet and outlet gas must be the same to maintain a balanced system. By having to add helium or air to control the concentration, it is necessary to make room and release gas to the outside. Otherwise, there would be more gas than the system needs, and at some point that gas would have to be released so as not to over-pressurize the recuperator.
d. The system also adds pure helium to compensate for the non-recovery gas in the product.
and. When the system reaches the desired concentration and pressure, it is ready to supply the gas back.
Therefore, the main difference between PURE technology and a traditional Helium recovery system is that with the PURE system, it is not necessary to add helium to improve concentration. You only need to inject Helium to have a balanced system.