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PURE is a revolutionary Helium Recovery System that converts waste gas from any type of leak detection machine and purifies it to a concentration of up to 97%, without the need to add pure Helium

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27 years in the market

VES has been in the industrial leak detection market for 27 years as both manufacturers of Helium machines and recovery systems. During this time, we have realized how difficult it is to maintain a high helium concentration without sacrificing the savings that a recovery system must offer to return a positive ROI.

That’s why we designed the PURE system.

How does the pure system work?

step 1

PURE receives the gas from the detection machines and temporarily stores it in a reserve.

Step 2

The gas passes through the purification system that physically separates the helium particles from all others, thereby achieving a concentration of 97%.

step 3

The pure Helium is stored in a new reserve and the filtered gas is expelled to the outside.

step 4

Helium is compressed and stored in a final reserve at the desired operating pressures.

step 5

PURE adds pure helium to the final reserve only to make up for gas not recovered from the product.

Step 6

When the system reaches the desired concentration and pressure, it is ready to supply the gas back.

Why choose pure?


PURE is an autonomous helium recovery system that does not need to communicate with your machines and can work with any brand of equipment.

High concentration

Our technology allows PURE to accept a helium mix as low as 50% and return it at> 90% concentration without adding pure helium.


PURE tolerates changes in production without sacrificing performance, testing different products at different pressures and concentrations, even tolerates air leaks in the pipe!


The built-in helium concentration meter dynamically reads the helium concentration at different points giving you complete traceability of the helium concentration used in leak testing.


PURE maintains stable concentration levels regardless of variations in production without adding pure helium, which is one of the main problems of traditional recuperators.


PURE is plug-and-play. You only need electrical, pneumatic connection, gas inlet and outlet pipe and that’s it. It does not require complex configuration or adjustments.

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The Biggest Problem Facing Helium Leak Testing Today

With helium costs rising year on year, and costs set to continue rising, it can be difficult to complete leak tests to a high standard while on budget.

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Test gasses can only be diluted so far before the integrity of the test is compromised, and having to buy more helium for every test only pushes the helium shortage further and prices higher.

Now more than ever, reusing helium is of paramount importance.

The 5 factors that make you lose money in the recovery of helium

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case study

line of sniffers for compressors

Four XL3000 Sniffers test 288 compressors per hour at a pressure of 8 barA. Helium is injected into the compressor over atmospheric pressure, therefore, within the compressor there is a concentration of 87% during the test.

It is not possible to evacuate the atmospheric pressure in the product since it would extend the cycle time, therefore, connecting the sniffers to a traditional recuperator is not feasible due to the large amount of pure helium necessary to increase the concentration from 87% to 97%. The average monthly spend on helium without recuperator is $ 30,000 USD.

After implementing PURE, we purify the gas coming from the sniffers to a concentration of 97% and it is sent back to the sniffers at a pressure of 8barA, lowering the average monthly cost in helium to $ 4,500 USD.

Return of Investment of the case study

Investment was recovered in:


  • Savings of 85% were obtained.

  • The equipment was installed and validated in 2 days.

  • Personnel were trained in operation and maintenance routines.

  • Start saving helium instantly and increase your profitability!

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«We are created the PURE system because we wanted our customers to get the most from their helium, especially now costs have risen, regardless of what testing machines they use.”

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Frequent questions

What leak detection machines is PURE compatible with?2021-06-18T16:28:32+00:00

PURE is compatible with any leak detection machine. One of its main advantages is that it does not need to communicate with them and adapts to various production needs. PURE is autonomous and independent and in the event of any failure in the PURE system, it bypasses and feeds the equipment with pure helium.

How is PURE different to a traditional recovery system?2021-06-18T16:27:41+00:00

To understand the differences it is important to first describe how a traditional recovery system works:
to. The Recuperator receives the gas from the detection machines and temporarily stores it in a reserve.
b. The gas is compressed and its concentration is analyzed. If the concentration is low, pure helium has to be added to increase the concentration. If the concentration is high, the air has to be added.
c. The amount of inlet and outlet gas must be the same to maintain a balanced system. By having to add helium or air to control the concentration, it is necessary to make room and release gas to the outside. Otherwise, there would be more gas than the system needs, and at some point that gas would have to be released so as not to over-pressurize the recuperator.
d. The system also adds pure helium to compensate for the non-recovery gas in the product.
and. When the system reaches the desired concentration and pressure, it is ready to supply the gas back.
Therefore, the main difference between PURE technology and a traditional Helium recovery system is that with the PURE system, it is not necessary to add helium to improve concentration. You only need to inject Helium to have a balanced system.

What does the output concentration of the PURE System depend on?2021-06-18T16:13:17+00:00

It depends on the input concentration. If at the entrance there is a concentration lower than 50% PURE purifies it to 90%, if it is between 50% to 70% to 94%, from 70% to 80% to 96.1% from 80% to 90% to 97% and above 90% to 98%

How does the system PURE measures concentration?2021-06-18T16:11:38+00:00

The Advanced Purification System physically filters helium particles from all others to supply them back to the system. Being a physical separation process, it is possible to always maintain the concentration between 90% and 97.7%

In which industries can the PURE system be used?2021-06-18T16:08:15+00:00

PURE is for any industry and product, and in all of them, it performs impressively. However, there are specific applications where PURE has a clear value proposition versus traditional recovery systems.

  • Low pressures: If your product is tested below atmospheric pressure.
  • Low concentrations: If your product is tested at a mixture of less than 100% He.
  • Mixed lines: In production lines that test products with different test volumes and pressures.

• Lines with production variations: In production lines where demand is constantly changing

What do I need to implement PURE?2021-06-18T16:05:48+00:00

Power supply 440VAC at 60Hz and 60amp, Compressed air at 6bar, Gas inlet pipe from your CPVC or Galvanized detection equipment, PURE outlet pipe to your system (the material and size of the pipes depends on the pressure final test).