The Biggest Problem Facing Helium Leak Testing Today

The high costs of Helium

As helium costs increase year after year, it will be difficult to complete leak testing to a high standard of quality, without going over budget.


Test gases can only be diluted to a certain extent before test quality is compromised and buying more helium for each test will only increase helium shortages and increase prices.

« We created the PURE system because we wanted our customers to get the most from their helium, especially now costs have risen, regardless of what testing machines they use.».

Luke Sansby

Global Sales Director – VES Global

Historical challenge

Historically, it has been a challenge to implement a successful helium recovery system, particularly in low pressure applications such as in fuel or gas tanks. This is because dilution of helium in the leak test is not sustainable when recycled, or because the next fresh helium refill eliminates any cost savings.

PURE – Hybrid Helium Purification and Recovery System

PURE is a revolutionary system that receives the gas from any leak detection machine and purifies it to a concentration of up to 97% without the need to add pure Helium.

PURE is an autonomous helium recovery system that does not need to communicate with your machines and can work with any brand of equipment. Our technology allows PURE to accept a helium mix as low as 50% and return it at> 90% concentration without adding pure helium.

  • PURE receives the gas from the detection machines and temporarily stores it in a reserve.

  • The gas passes through the purification system that physically separates the helium particles from all the others, thereby achieving a concentration of 97%.

  • The pure Helium is stored in a new reserve and the filtered gas is expelled to the outside.

  • Helium is compressed and stored in a final reserve at the desired operating pressures.

  • PURE adds pure helium to the final reserve only to make up for gas not recovered from the product.

  • When the system reaches the desired concentration and pressure, it is ready to supply the gas back.

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