PURE – Helium recovery

Would you like to recover 97% of the helium used in your leak detection processes?

PURE is an state of the art recovery system that reclaims and purifies helium at very high concentrations. Book your demo and experience the benefits for your own!

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PURE el mas efectivo recuperador de Helio
Razones para escoger pure el mejor recuperador de helio

4 reasons to choose pure helium recovery

PURE is an autonomous helium recovery system that does not need to communicate with your machines and can work with any brand of equipment.

Our technology allows PURE to accept a helium mix as low as 50% and return it at> 90% concentration without adding pure helium.

PURE tolerates changes in production without sacrificing performance, testing different products at different pressures and concentrations, even tolerates air leaks in the pipe!

The built-in helium concentration meter dynamically reads the helium concentration at different points giving you complete traceability of the helium concentration used in leak testing.

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«PURE can be connected to any leak detection machine, without the need for communication between them, and always maintaining the same level of concentration regardless of the variations that exist in the production lines.

No equipment on the market has this potential«

Rodolfo Gutiérrez

Director General de VES México

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Rodolfo Gutierrez Directo VES Mexico